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Chairmans Massage

True Education is always an on-going process. The beauty and adventure of this field is unique. There is always a new valley to explore and a higher cliff to scale.
Modules of education have changed drastically in the recent past shifting focus not only to academics but also on developing the tools to look a deeper into every possible area of development in an individual i.e. extra-curricular, physical activity, leadership, emotional development and intelligence. In our institution we have proved ourselves on providing academic excellence fused with extra and co-curricular activities that is built with balanced and well-rounded personality.
We hope to excel in all fields and make students self-reliant to enable them to meet the challenges throughout their career and their selfless service to the society & nation. I acknowledge the tremendous role played by the teachers and parents in shaping and moulding our precious children. It is also increasingly recognised that a balanced view of education should be developed in addition to intellect training.
Surender Rana